How to Lose Belly Fat in a Week (The Definitive Guide)

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  • Belly Fat loss Foods
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  • Belly Fat Loss Exercises

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How to Lose Belly Fat in a Week– A Brief

How to lose belly fat in a week

There are so many articles and blogs on the internet that boast of losing belly fat overnight, in one day or in three days.

But in reality, it’s not that easy!

Because belly fat is the most stubborn fat on the body and it takes time and effort to lose belly fat.

Belly fat is also called visceral fat that plays an important role in producing a variety of hormones.

This type of fat is not very prominent at initial stages as it is stocked along the wall of the gut and releases hormones together around the vital organs.

When this fat overstocked in the gut, it can ruin your personality and may lead to diabetes, chronic edema, and other health ailments.

To get rid of belly fat, people try weight loss pills, surgery, supplements and so-called herbal products that are often not proven safe. 

If you are worried about the big belly, you are not alone on this planet.

This problem can be found in men or women of any age, but it is more likely in some groups such as white men, African American women, South Asian men, and women, obesity sufferers and people who drink too much alcohol.

If you want to get rid of belly fat just in a week, you need to understand the reasons behind the building of this fat.

There are different factors that cause belly fat and they vary from person to person.

Causes of Belly Fat:

Here are the most noted reasons for building belly that you should know to deal with belly fat in a better way.

1. Age Factor

Abdominal exertion is often the first sign of middle age, but now scientists have claimed that they have succeeded in finding out why weight gain begins to increase with age, no matter you exercise or maintain good dietary habits.

This was revealed in a medical study conducted in Sweden and France.

In a joint study by the Karolinska Institute, Uppsala University and the University of Lyon, 54 adults were evaluated for 13 years and fat bodies were analyzed. (1)

It was revealed that the aging process slows down the fat melting capability of anti-fat cells in the body.

That leads to build stomach fat and cause weight gain in adults.

This is why it is recommended to do more exercise after middle age.

2. Soft Drinks

how to lose belly fat in a week

If you like to drink soft-drinks or carbonated-drinks, then you should be prepared for the big belly.

This was revealed in a US medical study.

According to research by Harvard Medical School, people who consume more of these sweet drinks are 27 percent more likely to accumulate fat around the stomach and waist than those who don’t use soft drinks. (2)

Research shows that consuming one soft drink daily causes obesity because it contains ten teaspoons of sugar and 150 calories.

According to research, this sugar and calories do not provide any nutrition to the body and accumulates fat around the stomach and waist.

Researchers say that these sugary drinks are harmful to health.

In this regard, researchers conducted experiments on a thousand volunteers and performed a CT scan to see how fat is stored around their stomachs.

The results of the research, which lasted for six years, showed that the volunteers who liked the sweet beverage increased their body weight by 27 percent and that first appeared on the belly.

This research was published in the journal of Medical Circulation.

3. Eating, while watching TV

how to lose  belly fat in a week

Sound strange?

Yes, it is true that you build more belly fat when you eat while watching tv.

Here’s how…

Watching television while eating can force you to eat more, a study has found that this habit increases your risk of building belly fat. (3)

4. Lack of Sleep

Not getting 7 hours of sleep can also lead to an increase in fat around the stomach.

This was revealed in a study by Sleep Foundation.

Researchers found that persons sleeping less than five hours at night gained more abdominal fat over a five year period, versus those who averaged over six hours per night. (4)

Lack of sleep increases the possibility of poor dietary choices and increases the chances of abstaining from physical activity and also affects metabolism.

This results in weight gain and excess belly fat.

5. No Exercise or Physical Activity

Exercise is very helpful in getting rid of the belly fat because during exercise or any physical activity body uses fat for energy and it is not stored in the stomach.

If you don’t do exercise fat is stored around the stomach that results in the big belly.

6. Eating Quickly

In today’s busy world, people are often in a hurry and eat food in chaos, but the brain needs time to analyze the signals to fill the stomach.

In fact, it can take up to 20 minutes for the brain to feel full (this period may vary from person to person).

When you eat too fast, it becomes easier to eat more than you need to.

Overtime; these extra calories lead to gain more weight.

A study on children found that 60% of children who eat too fast, eat excessively.

Similarly, such people are 3 times more likely to have more bodyweight.

7. Canned Fruit Juices

causes of belly fat

If you prefer to drink canned fruit juice instead of fruit, then it is damaging to health rather than beneficial.  

There is too much sugar in those juices which causes stomach upset which results in belly fat.

In such juices, calories and sugars are high, while fiber and other important vitamins and minerals are low that naturally present in any fruit. (5)

8. Eating Low Probiotic Foods

Gastrointestinal bacteria play an important role in reducing or increasing body weight.

While probiotics in yogurt and other foods help maintain a balance of good and bad bacteria.

One study found that this balance of bacteria helps prevent obesity and regulates hunger hormones. (6)

If you are not eating probiotic-rich foods, you are more likely to gain belly fat.

9. Inactivity

Even if you don’t move your chair for 8 hours at the office, it means that you are away from physical activity that helps burn calories. 

This habit reduces the activity of fat-burning enzymes. That leads to building fat around the body.

10. Social Media Addiction

If you can’t stay away from Facebook and Instagram, this habit can also lead to building belly fat.

According to a study published on the Harvard Health Blog, if an online friend of Facebook users becomes obese, they are 57 percent more likely to become obese because other friends also don’t consider big belly is harmful. (7)

How to Prepare your Body to Dissolve Belly Fat?

Our body is a natural fat-melting machine, but for various reasons, people do not use their bodies to melt extra fat in it. Rather they prefer to use sugar and high levels of carbohydrates for physical energy.

In order to reduce body weight –whether it’s on the belly or on the back—the body needs the right environment for it to be able to absorb and melt the extra fat.

It is a natural process when the body begins to use fat as a fuel for cells.

However, if you are eating something all day long, this is not possible.

To reduce belly fat in a week, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and this is how you can do it…

Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Belly Fat in a Week:

So here are some easy to make lifestyle changes that would help your body prepare to lose belly fat just in a week.

1. Remove the Salt from the Dining Table

how to lose belly fat in a week

Consumption of salt in moderate quantities is good for health as it is essential for a healthy heart and brain.

But too much salt causes the body to dehydrate along with stomach bloating.

To lose belly fat and reduce extra weight, it is necessary to minimize the salt intake in your meal.

2. Take Proper Sleep

how to lose belly fat in week

In today’s lifestyle, people’s sleep duration is becoming less and less, which causes various health ailments. And the increase in belly fat is mostly noticed in so many people.

Sleep is important for improving overall health, especially when it comes to controlling body weight.

A study over sixteen years revealed that less than six hours of sleep resulted in fat accumulation around the abdomen and waist.

It is obvious now:

When it comes to bodyweight gain, sleep is very important.

Less than 5 hours of sleep is too much less that can lead to the accumulation of fat around the belly. (8)

But the same may happen in the case of more than 8 hours of sleep.


6 to 8 hours of sleep is best if you fail to sleep quickly after going bed, go to bed a bit sooner and calm yourself down, and also stay away from your Smartphone.

3. Avoid Harmful Transfats

Trans-fats are fats found in fried goods or bakery products and saturated fat (dietary fat or lipids) increases abdominal obesity leads to weight gain while increasing the visceral fat. (9)


Try to keep them both to a minimum.

Instead, you should use:

4. Use Low Fat but High Protein Diets

belly fat loss foods

Foods such as nuts, lentils, and low-fat meats are rich protein diets that help keep the stomach full for a long time, while also reducing the desire for sweet products.

However, you should make good fat as a dietary component of your body.

For this purpose, you should use Coconut oil, nuts, seeds, olive oil and Desi ghee (Clarified Butter) that will reduce the harmful cholesterol in the body.

Such fats will help you dissolve belly fat—quickly and safely.

Maintain a distance from Sugar and refined carbohydrates

Limit the use of white bread, biscuits, cakes, and cereals, etc.

5. Avoid Excessive intake of Sugar and Starch

how to lose belly fat in a week

Excessive use of sugar causes an increase in blood sugar levels and changes in your digestive system. (9)

So if your diet is high in white flour and sugar products, then give up immediately because all these ingredients take too long to digest and cause bloated belly and weight gain.

So replace them with pasta, fruits, and vegetables.

6. Consume Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

belly fat loss foods

The use of vegetables and fruits such as spinach, capsicum, tomatoes, gourd, strawberries, blueberries, chicken, fish, eggs and red meat in moderation is essential for good health which also helps in reducing body weight.


Excessive consumption of fruits and vegetables is a healthy alternative to refined carbohydrates.

7. Combining Diet with Physical activity

In fact, there is no superfood to dissolve belly fat, and no special exercise alone can even reduce the stomach.

But the best way to do this is to revisit your dietary habits and daily physical activity.

According to research reports, exercise plays an important role in dissolving fat.

While being physically active helps burn more calories. The people, who spend more time sitting they should take some time for a walk, make it a habit to climb stairs or any physical activity they like.

However, cardio exercises also help burn calories and can be extremely effective in dissolving fat, especially visceral fat.

Begin these exercises by walking or swimming and then increase your intensity such as running or jumping rope.

Here is the tip to start the exercise to reduce belly fat.

When you decide to exercise to reduce belly fat, you should start in such a way:

Walk for 3 minutes and then start running for 30 seconds, this combination can reduce the belly fat quickly.

This is the best strategy for those who don’t want to go to a gym or cannot do intense exercise.

In addition to it, make it a habit to do some physical activity like weight lifting or yoga, at least three times a week.

Keep in mind!

Excessive exercise is also harmful.

In fact, medical science says that for some time, intense physical workouts, such as 30 seconds of fast running or pushups, can be more effective and they are easier to incorporate into the routine.

So do follow a routine based exercise for better results.

8. Avoid Stress

Are you suffering from stress? Here is the concern for you:

When you are stressful, you can consume more fat and sugar that will increase the release of the hormone cortisol that may contribute to increased belly fat. (10)

Moreover, stress increases the risk of sleep deprivation; may stop you from doing exercise and you can build harmful health habits.

All of these factors contribute to increased belly fat.

To get rid of stress, do some meditation, exercise, listen to your favorite music, or you can adopt any other good hobby.

But never be stressful at every cost, please.

9. Quit Smoking (if you are a smoker)

how to lose belly fat in a week

Are you looking for a way to quit smoking? Keep in mind smoking may cause you cancer? 

According to a study, smoking habits can lead to obesity, because smoking causes the accumulation of fat around the stomach, which can result in belly fat. (11)

If you need another reason to quit smoking, know that this habit can result in fat accumulation in the oven. And yes it can also result in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, lung diseases, etc.

If the attempt to quit smoking remains unsuccessful, consult a doctor who can help you.

10. Weight Lifting

Earlier, a study by Howard University revealed that fat accumulation around the abdomen and waist increases the risk of cardiovascular disease even when you are not obese.


One study found that middle-aged healthy men are less likely to accumulate fat around their abdomen than those who abstain from this physical activity. 

And, weight lifting is an ideal activity to lose belly fat. This type of exercise is also beneficial for women.

To lose belly fat, you can do cardio exercises along with weight lifting exercises.

According to research at the Harvard School of Medicine, the habit of lifting weights or dumbbells in physical activity helps to speed up the melting of fat accumulated around the stomach and waist. (12)

During this study, ten thousand people over the age of forty were reviewed for twelve years.

The results showed that people who lift weights during exercise are less likely to build belly fat.

Research suggests that people who do such exercises, especially in the late teens, have less fat accumulation around their stomachs.

So if you want to get rid of the belly fat, just make it your habit to lift lightweight.

Researchers say that physical activity without lifting weights is less likely to dissolve fat.

If more weight is added during exercise, it causes the fat to dissolve quickly, while metabolism also improves.

Here are some best exercises to reduce belly fat: Top 10 Belly Fat Loss Exercises

11. Avoid Sweet Drinks and Dishes

Want a fat free body? So look at your glasses, milk and cold drinks.

They can cause stomach upset, which is causing humans to lose their ability to digest lactose; however, milk is not as harmful as soft drinks are.

Some research reports have explored the relationship between sweet drinks—such as soda, sweet tea and coffee—and the belly fat building process. (13)


If the belly fat is increasing gradually, just reduce the amount of sugar in tea or coffee while skipping the sweet soft drinks altogether.

Moreover, sweet dishes are also certainly delicious, and cannot be totally ignored.

But their excessive use is not so good for our bodies. This may result in excess fat accumulation around the stomach.  

If you want a flat stomach, avoiding sugar is the best strategy.

If some drinks cause belly fat, one drink reduces that fat.

This is freshwater. It saves the body from dehydration and keeps the stomach healthy.

Moreover, excessive use of water reduces your appetite and makes you feel full all the time.

So, start drinking more water right now to lose belly fat quickly.

12. Maintain a Distance from Devices

Smartphones, tablets, and televisions affect the volume of your waist.

The reason?

While using a Smartphone or like devices, you prefer to sit. Which halt you from physical activity and you do not burn calories.

13. Don’t chew Chewing Gums

Most people use chewing gum to avoid an addiction or to avoid eating unhealthy foods.

But it has an unexpected side effect, and that is stomach bloating. Anyone who chews chewing gum also absorbs some amount of air, which causes stomach bloating and gas complaints.

Moreover, artificial sweeteners contained in the gum can increase the appetite of junk food.

If you are fasting your belt to embark on a journey to lose belly fat, you should not be eating such things.

14. Don’t be a Quick Eater:

Yes, people who are accustomed to eating their meals too fast can have a higher risk of developing a variety of diseases, including obesity, visceral fat, and many other health ailments. (14)

This is a very harmful habit that can lead to overeating, body weight gain, and obesity.

If you swallow your food fast it causes stomach bloating.

Taking care of proper eating habits helps keep the stomach in proper shape.

Here’s how you can build a habit to eat slowly:

Don’t rush your meals today. Adjust your alarm to give yourself more than enough time to prepare and enjoy breakfast.

Before you begin each meal, take a few deep breaths to center yourself.

Tips for Eating Slowly:

Pause and put your fork down between each bite. As you eat, continue to be aware of your breathing as you become full.

After you’ve taken a few bites of food, try to take smaller bites than you were when you first started eating.

If it’s too hard for you to slow down for your entire meal, aim to eat slowly for the first five minutes of your meal.

Hence, you can enjoy every bite of your food.

15. Improve Your Posture

Want a flat stomach in two seconds? So stand upright.

Because leaning forward makes your looks awkward and you look less attractive. 

But keeping the spine upright makes you look taller and slim.

Of course, this is a temporary solution.

But, standing upright makes you look more attractive, smart, and also has other medical benefits for the body.

16. Avoid Constipation

Acute constipation is a very common disease and it affects the whole body, especially swelling in the stomach and painful bloating. 

So, you should use fiber foods in your diet to avoid constipation.

Such as:

Green leafy vegetables, wheat, barley or other commodities, nuts and seeds, etc. are fiber-rich foods that help keep the fat away from the abdomen and waist.

Foods for Losing Belly Fat in a Week:

Here are some foods that can be used to make your stomach flat.

1. Oats and Nuts

belly fat loss foods

An effective means of reducing belly fat is to make fiber a part of your diet that is easily absorbed and it is commonly found in oatmeal, nuts, and vegetables.

Such diets, porridge, and nuts are noteworthy and should consume up to 25 to 35 grams daily.

This can be helpful in controlling the belly fat and also improve liver functions as well. (15)

2. Don’t Forget the Fruits

Fruits such as berries, cherries, apples, and oranges, etc., are rich in cortisone that is a natural ingredient that reduces stomach inflammation.

Keep these fruit in your home in an easily reachable place.

If you keep these fruits in a prominent place in your home, you may prefer to eat them over time without hunger.

2. Bananas                                     

Bananas are rich in potassium, which is a component for improving blood pressure and blood vessels’ health. 

While the vitamins in it help to control the appetite to eat without time.

Eating bananas also raises the metabolism rate, which helps to speed up the belly fat loss process.

3. Watermelon

belly fat loss foods

Watermelon is also a fruit that has a high amount of potassium which helps to get rid of water weight. (16)

Usually, water consists of 50 to 60 percent of the human body, above this limit of water content causes water weight.

This causes people to become fat due to bloating and swelling of the body. 

An American study found that drinking watermelon juice dissolves belly fat while also helps in lowering the cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure as well. (17)

4. Yogurt

how to lose belly fat in a week

Probiotic diets contain health-beneficial bacteria that improve digestion.

A study in Canada revealed that when obese individuals were fed a cup of yogurt daily, their body fat decreased by 3 to 4 percent. Researchers said that eating yogurt daily helps the digestive system to digest fat from the diet.

Hence, it can really be helpful to lose belly fat. (18)

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5. Cucumber

If you have a habit of eating salty or sweet foods during an untimely hunger, you will be more prone to build belly fat.

However, cucumbers can be very helpful in overcoming the urge to open a packet of chips or any other snacks.

The high amount of water and calories in cucumbers makes it an excellent choice for untimely hunger.

While the fiber contained in it helps to lose fat by keeping the stomach full for a long time.

6. Papaya

belly fat loss foods

Most people do not know, but papaya can be very beneficial for getting rid of obesity and belly fat.

Because of its fiber-rich nutrients, papaya tends to fill the stomach for a longer period of time, while relieving the desire for untimely eating. The antioxidants contained in it reduce body weight.

In the same way, it improves the digestive system, which is very important for getting rid of the big belly.

7. Mint Leaves

Mint is the most beneficial herb for the stomach. It helps to digest foods and relive gases from the stomach.

If your stomach is bloated, take a half spoon of mint powder or smell the fresh mint leaves.

It will help you get the stomach flat, instantly.

8. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains a high amount of cocoa and that is why it has a high rate of antioxidants, which reduces physical edema while helping to control the eating habits.

An American study found that chocolate eaters lose more body weight compared to others, but it benefits only when you eat it in a moderate amount regularly. (20)

9. Lentils

Lentils are high in protein and fiber, which helps prevent the desire to eat fat items in the afternoon. (21)

Eating pulses helps absorb iron in the body, which in turn, maintains metabolism functions.

10. Chili Peppers

how to lose belly fat in a week

Chili peppers not only improve metabolism but also help prevent the extra appetite. (22)

By adding green pepper in an omelet or in any diet you can achieve your goal of flat stomach soon.

11. Almonds

belly fat lose foods

Eating a small amount of almonds daily can help relieve obesity and thirst by improving physical metabolism, and it also dissolves fat very quickly. (23)

It helps to control appetite while improving the health of the heart. The monounsaturated fat contained in it helps to reduce tension.

A recent study discovered that eating a few grams of almonds daily helps to reduce body weight faster.

12. Eat Fish at least Once in a Week

Omega-3 is a contributing factor to losing belly fat.

Omega-3 fatty acids are very important for health, and they also prevent the degeneration of the body from aging and slow down the aging process. (24)

And fish is a great source of omega-3.

If you are on a journey to lose belly fat, try to eat fish two to three times a week.

Belly Fat Burning Drinks:

Now you know about the foods that will help you lose belly fat. Here are some herbal drinks that you should incorporate in your diet to lose belly fat just in a week.

And that is green tea.

1. Green Tea

belly fat burning drinks

This first drink on the list to lose belly fat is green tea.

Do you like to drink green tea?

Here is the good news:

This beverage helps keep the waist and stomach under control.

Here’s how:

Polyphenols and other ingredients in green tea play an important role in improving metabolic functions and reducing body weight faster.

This delicious beverage prevents the appetite for food and does not allow the storage of fat in the stomach.

According to medical experts, green tea helps to dissolve the stored fat by stimulating the enzymes in the tea.

The antioxidants contained in it increase the body’s energy, improve digestion and speed up the fat melting process.

Drinking green tea can reduce the risks of obesity and one study found that drinking it can reduce weight by up to 1.5kg just in a few days.

Moreover, Green Tea has the ability to stimulate metabolism, which in turn burns calories to convert them into energy, resulting in the loss of fat around the belly and body fat as a whole.

In addition to reducing fats, this beverage also offers other benefits for health, i.e. drinking it lowers cholesterol levels, which reduces the risk of heart disease and also reduces the risk of cancer.

2. The Lemonade

how to lose belly fat in a week

The lemonade helps in the internal cleansing of the body while the body does not lack water and improves the digestion system.

When should I drink this beverage to get rid of belly fat?

A glass of lemon water in the morning by adding a pinch of salt works well to reduce belly fat. (25)

A glass of lemonade during exercise, while a glass before lunch and half an hour before dinner.

How you can make this drink?

Take one lemon and one glass of water, boil the water to make it lukewarm and then squeeze the lemon into it and stir well with a spoon. And drink right away.

Other Lemon drinks:

You can use lemon in a variety of ways to lose belly fat.

3. Lemons and Honey

belly fat burning drinks

Take one cup of warm water, one lemon and one teaspoon of honey, add the lemon juice to the water and then add the honey and stir well with the spoon.

Like lemons, honey helps in weight loss; drinking lemon with honey enhances physical energy and helps you stay active throughout the day. (26)

The more physically active you will be the more fat you will lose.

4. Lemons and Cinnamon

how to lose belly fat in a week

Cinnamon controls harmful cholesterol, while the benefits of lemon you already know.

Take a glass of water, a lemon and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

To make the fat-burning drink, mix the cinnamon powder in a glass of water and leave it overnight.

 Boil the water in the morning until it becomes half. 

When the water becomes cool, squeezes the lemon juice into it and drink it. This drink will work as a fire on the belly fat.

If you keep on drinking this drinking for a week, you will feel the difference.

5. Chamomile Tea

how to lose belly fat in a week

Mental stress often causes weight gain and an increase in belly fat.

Here the chamomile tea can help you relieve stress and lose belly fat.

Here’s how…

The chamomile hydroalcoholic extract contains ascorbic acid, which prevents weight gain, promotes weight loss, and reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body. (27)

However, the proper amount of water in the body is an effective way to reduce the number of fats in the body while this tea helps keep the body hydrated for the whole day.

Hence, your stomach becomes flat.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

how to lose belly fat in a week

Apple cider vinegar is the best drink to lose belly fat.

If it is taken in a proper amount it will do wonders for belly fat and reduce whole-body fat.  (28)

The best time to drink apple cider vinegar is in the morning with an empty stomach.

Here’s how you can use it:

Boil a cup of water to make it lukewarm, add 1 teaspoon in the water and stir. You can also add a teaspoon of honey.

Drink this mixture right away. And don’t eat anything for the next 45 minutes.

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The Bottom Line:

Losing belly fat so quickly is not an easy task. But if you follow a proper diet, maintain a healthy lifestyle and do some exercise, you will see a noticeable difference just in a week. All you need is consistency and dedication through the belly fat loss journey.

Here’s The Next Step…

I hope you have enjoyed reading this comprehensive guide on “How to Lose Belly Fat in a Week

Now I want you to take it as a challenge.

What lifestyle changes will you make and what diet will you choose to lose your belly fat in a week?

Would you start exercise along with diet?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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