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  • Lifestyle Changes to Cure and Prevent Infertility
  • Harmful Foods for Male Fertility (you must Avoid)
  • Beneficial Foods for Male Fertility (You should include in your diet)
  • Ayurvedic Herbs to Improve Sperm Count, Virility, and Vigor

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Causes of Male Infertility:

Nowadays, infertility in males is becoming a serious problem and most couples suffer from this health disorder.

There are a lot of causes of male infertility that I will be discussing in detail.

After marriage, every couple wants to have children as soon as possible, but if they do not, then there may be a gap in their relationship.

Over the years, infectious disease has been spreading rapidly, usually due to pollution, lack of sleep and a few other lifestyle habits.

Nowadays, the disease called ‘PCOS’ is spreading rapidly among women, which can cause problems for women in childbirth.

In a Medical Study conducted in 2017, after examining the samples of around 43,000 people worldwide, it was discovered that sperm count had dropped significantly over the past 40 years.

Researchers have identified some habits and medical disorders that increase the risk of infertility in men.

Here are the major causes of male infertility. The following are the causes and conditions.

1. Depression and Anxiety

male infertility causes

Depression and anxiety is a rapidly growing problem all over the world.

This health disorder causes many health ailments. And decrease in sperm count in men due to Depression and Anxiety is one of the big problems.

Moreover, the medication used in preventing depression and anxiety also contributes to low sperm count which increases the risk of infertility.

2. Impact of Radiation of Devices

Various research reports examining the effects of cell phone radiation on sperm count.

A review study published in the Central European Journal of Urology in 2014 found that men who carry cell phones in the front pockets have a significantly lower sperm count.

Similarly, research published in the International Journal of Fertility and Sterility in 2015 found that mobile phone radiation can affect sperm quality in just one hour while sperm DNA scattering is accelerated quickly.

Similar research was also conducted in Japan:

Research from the Reproductive Medicine Research Center, Yamashita Shunan Yomi Clinic, discovered that electromagnetic waves emitted from mobiles and routers, such as Wi-Fi devices, could cause much damage to sperm.

Of course, there are other causes of infertility in men, such as environmental pollution, mental stress, poor diet, and genes, but the presence of Wi-Fi devices is also the main cause.

During this study, 51 men were divided into 3 groups and were given Wi-Fi device use.

Researchers kept one group’s samples away from Wi-Fi, while the other group’s samples were affected by Wi-Fi waves, but Wi-Fi protection shields were also used.

But the samples in the third group were kept very close to the Wi-Fi devices, and then recorded the results at different times.

The results showed that the Wi-Fi signal did not impact the sperms until 30 minutes, but sperm started to be affected by 2 hours, whereas after 24 hours the rate at which Wi-Fi signals affect sperms increased significantly.

Researchers say the results confirm that being exposed to too much of the electromagnetic waves emitted from Wi-Fi devices can lead to infertility.

3. Lack Of sleep

Research by Aarhus University in the Netherlands revealed that sleep deprivation also increases the risk of infertility in men.

Researchers say that lack of sleep stimulates the body’s immune system, which badly impact sperm quality.

On the other hand, it increases physical and psychological pressure in men.

This also affects the chances of having children after marriage.

4. Tight Pants:

A Harvard University Study in 2018 found that the use of tight pants and underwear leads to a decrease in sperm count, which increases the risk of infertility in men and causes the rise in the body’s temperature.

According to research, the use of such garments stimulates hormones that damage the process of sperm production.

5. Smoking

causes of male infertility

The drug, alcohol and smoking habits increase the risk of many medical problems and infertility in men is a major side effect of smoking.

A Brazilian study conducted in 2016 reported that DNA dispersal rates in sperm samples of smokers are high.

That causes infertility in men, even at an earlier age.

6. Obesity:

causes of male infertility

According to a study published in the journal Journal Andrologia, obesity is also a risk factor for infertility, as it lowers sperm count and poor motility of the sperms.

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7. Vitamin D deficiency

causes of male infertility

Vitamin D deficiency can have negative effects on overall health, but vitamin D is very important in preventing infertility.

A study published in the journal Human Reproduction found that men suffering from vitamin D deficiency have a higher risk of infertility, which reduces the sperm count and motility.

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8. Fast Foods:

causes of male infertility

One study found that eating fast food can also lead to infertility, and it can also lead to other men’s diseases such as erectile dysfunction.

Researchers discovered that men suffer from various sperm problems as a result of the Western diet.

9. Late Sleep:

causes of male infertility

Another research from Aarhus University in the Netherlands said that if men want children, they should lie in bed by 10:30 pm.

The study found those men who lie down to sleep sooner, the risk of infertility is 4 times less than those who sleep at 11:30 pm or later.

Researchers say that lack of sleep stimulates the body’s immune system.

That in turn, attacks sperm quality, while also increasing the physical and psychological pressure on men, which also affects their chances of childbirth after marriage.

The researchers said the results of the research are very important in the current era when many people are engaged in television or smartphones until late at night.

During this study, the lifestyles (such as sleep habits) of 104 men with an average age of 34 years, were evaluated for 2 years, and then compared with men’s sperm samples.

The results showed that men who used to sleep between 10 and 11:30 am are less likely to have sperm weakness.

Researchers said the reason for the increase in infertility rates is that men with sleep deprivation are more prone to stress, which increases their risk of infertility.


The risk of infertility can be significantly reduced with proper sleep, and in this regard, 7 to 8 hours of sleep is ideal, he said.

Note: The results of this research were presented at the European Society of Reproduction and Embryology Conference.

10. Sugary Drinks:

male infertility

This was revealed in a US medical study.

Boston University research warns that drinking one or more sweet drinks or soft drinks from either of the spouse reduces the chances of pregnancy or increases the risk of infertility.

Researchers say that we have discovered a positive relationship between sugary drinks and infertility, which goes beyond other factors, including obesity, caffeine, alcohol or smoking, and overall nutritional standards.

The study found that couples who want to have children should greatly reduce their consumption of sweetened beverages, which has other side effects on health.

During this research, 5,000 people were reviewed and their lifestyle, dietary habits, etc., were recorded for one year.

The results showed that men and women who are addicted to sweet drinks, the chances of childbirth are reduced by an average of 20%.

According to this research, women who drink one soft drink a day, the chances of pregnancy for her are reduced by 25% while in men; it is reduced by 33%.

Note: The results of this research were published in the journal Medical Epidemiology.

11. Specific Drugs

causes of male infertility

According to the Cleveland Clinic Research, sperm count may also be affected by medicines used to prevent bladder growth and hair fall.

Similarly, drugs used for depression and mental anxiety also pose a risk. Various drugs for cancer chemotherapy can also cause infertility.

12. Toxic material

Sperm count in men can also be affected by the toxic substances in the environment such as pesticides or heavy metals. Research published in the journal Current Urology Reports in 2018 reveals that toxic substances in the environment damage various functions of sperm.

13. Unhealthy Sex Practices:

The persons who are addicted to unhealthy sex practices, like, masturbation, or regular intercourse (without taking a sufficient gap) are more prone to infertility.

Moreover, there are high chances of many other sexual diseases such as spermatorrhoea, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

Resultantly, such people lose their virility and become impotent.

However, in this modern age, one can maintain its sexual health and fertility by slightly changing its lifestyle.

Here are some lifestyle changes and habits that can be helpful to improve fertility:

Lifestyle changes to Cure and Prevent Infertility:

1. Look at your Body Weight

male infertility

Maintain your body weight because a healthy body weight reduces the risk of infertility.

 A Harvard School of Public Health study found that sperm count in men with high body weight is 11% to 42% lower than healthy people, which increases the risk of infertility.

Note: If you are overweight, I recommend you to read this guide about a ketogenic diet to reduce your body weight. It will help you lose weight in a healthy way.

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2. Avoid smoking

This habit not only affects the lungs but also increases the risk of infertility. According to a Cleveland Clinic study, smoking affects sperm count and health, but quitting smoking can often cure the damage—quickly.

3. Take Proper Sleep

male infertility treatment

Researchers believe that hormones play an important role in improving sperm health. These hormones work well when you take proper sleep.

A Boston University School of Public Health study found that men who used to sleep less than 6 hours or more than 9 hours are 42% more likely to become infertile than those who sleep for 7-8 hours every night.

So manage to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

4. Limited use of caffeine

One study found that men who consume 300 milligrams of caffeine (soda, energy drinks or hot drinks) have a higher risk of infertility.

So, limit the intake of caffeine in any form.

5. Eat vegetables

causes of male infertility and treatment

Excessive use of fruit and vegetable diet not only provides the body with an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals but also protects against the risk of infertility.

A study in Spain revealed that antioxidants in fruits and vegetables protect men from the risk of infertility.

So, stick with natural meals consists of vegetables and fruit.

6. Stay Physically Active:

causes and treatment of male infertility

Make it a habit to stay physically active instead of spending time in front of the TV and other electronic gadgets.

A Harvard School of Public Health study found that if healthy young people spend 20 hours a week sitting in front of the television, they have lower sperm count, which increases their risk of infertility over time.

7. Monitor your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol:

causes of male infertility and treatment

High blood pressure and cholesterol can also cause infertility; a study by the University of Buffalo said high cholesterol level makes it difficult for couples to become parents.

8. Use of milk or Milk Products:

causes of male infertility and treatment

Low-fat milk products can be helpful in this regard. A Harvard School of Public Health report found that men who consume more low-fat dairy products also have a lower risk of infertility.

9. Try to Stay Calm

Mental stress also leads to infertility, which is probably caused by the increase in the amount of hormone called cortisol, but scientists are unable to say what caused it.

A study by Columbia University said men who are more prone to mental stress also have an increased risk of infertility.

10. Limit your sugar intake

Eating sweet food products too much is considered a cause of diabetes and obesity, but now another disadvantage has been revealed and this increases the risk of infertility in men.

This was revealed in a medical study in Sweden.


Various environmental and lifestyle factors, including obesity and related diseases, can affect sperm quality, but diabetes type two is considered a major risk factor for poor quality sperm.

To avoid all these health issues, you will need to limit your sugar intake.

Besides maintaining a healthy lifestyle you need to maintain your diet for a healthy body and reproductive system.

Harmful Foods for Male Fertility

Diet can have an immediate impact on the quality of sperm.

This claim came up in at least one research in the United States.

causes and treatment of male infertility

More than 29 Danish youngsters were included in the Harvard T. Chen School of Public Health research.

Researchers during the study examined the relationship between dietary choices and reproductive functions, and the results showed that fondness of Western-style diets or junk foods could reduce sperm count and increase the risk of infertility.

The study, published in the Medical Journal JAMA Network Open, found that people who are fond of eating pizza, fries and more sugary products can be as much as 25 percent is less likely to eat more fruits, vegetables, and fish.

Researchers discovered that diets containing fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken are beneficial to general health while junk food is harmful.

Researchers say that nutrients are essential for healthy reproductive functions as it improves sperm health and it is unlikely to cause infertility.

Beyond reproductive health, a good diet should be used to prevent diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other serious diseases on a long-term basis.

Here are the specific natural food items that help you improve fertility.

Foods to Increase and Maintain Male Fertility:

Here are some of the diets that prove to be beneficial to improve sperm health and prevent infertility.

1. Sweet Pumpkin

foods for male fertility

Sweet pumpkin is a nutritious and healthy vegetable that contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as well as plenty of digestible fiber.

According to a 2013 study published in the Medical Journal Fertility and Sterlington, this beta-carotene-rich vegetable improves hormone system that enhances the sperm quality required for offspring within men.

2. BeetRoot

male infertility treatment

Beetroot is a powerful source of antioxidant resveratrol that is helpful in the prevention of infertility problems caused by aging.

In addition, it also contains nitrate which improves blood flow.

So, do add beetroot in your regular diet.

3. Fish

causes of male infertillity and treatment

Fish is the best source of protein intake, especially omega-3 fatty acids that make it a special diet.

Various medical research reports have shown that omega-3 deficiency plays an important role in men’s infertility.

However, fish is also good for general health, which can improve brain function and eye health by improving the health of blood vessels.

On the other hand, using fish oil can help protect men from infertility.

This was revealed in a medical study conducted in Denmark.

Southern Denmark University researchers found that men who use fish oil supplements (rich in omega-3 fatty acids) are less likely to become infertile.

After reviewing data of approximately 177 young people, researchers discovered that sperm count is higher in men who use fish oil supplements and they have a higher proportion of hormone levels that help in childbirth.

Research published in the Medical Journal of JAMA Network Open stated:

All men can get benefit from omega-3 fatty acids, but the most positive effects are seen in people whose sperm quality has been reduced.

Researchers say such fatty acids are essential for fertility.

They said that the presence of fatty acids in the sperm cell membrane is essential for the function of sperm.

For this purpose, researchers conducted physical examinations of different men from January 1, 2012, to December 31, 2017.

During the study, questionnaires, physical exams, and samples were also collected.

After analyzing the data, it was found that in men who used fish oil supplements during the last 3 months, the quality of sperm proved to be better than those who stayed away from these supplements.

Other experts in this regard say that these results are quite interesting because they were reviewed by young and healthy men.

4. Eggs

Medical science says dietary habits can also help with this risk of infertility.  And the egg is one of the most important diets for sperm health.

Eggs contain a choline ingredient that can help protect against the risk of infertility, as claimed by Cornell University.

In addition to the combination of different vitamins and minerals, eggs have different medical benefits.

So, eggs are a better choice to include in your daily diet.

5. Walnut

male infertility treatment

Eating walnuts can help prevent infertility.

Walnuts have been found to be useful against obesity, diabetes and many diseases, but their use also reduces the risk of infertility in men.

The claim came from medical research conducted in the United States.

A study by Delaware University said that eating walnuts results in a lack of chemicals in the body that cause cells to cause infertility in men.

Walnut contains fatty acids, which prevent damage to these cells, the study said.

In this regard, a little research was carried on mice:

Experiments were conducted on two groups of mice, one based on walnuts and the other on a controlled diet for nine to eleven weeks.

One group was healthy while the other was infertile.

The results showed that the use of walnut-based diets improved the cells of infected mice, but they were able to become fathers.

Researchers say that it is surprising that eating walnuts is helpful in overcoming this problem, but further research is needed to find out what is available in walnuts that improve fertility.

However, they said it was clear that the use of walnuts could be useful in overcoming infertility.

6. Pomegranate

causes and treatment of male infertility

Pomegranates are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, folic acid and many other vitamins and minerals.

They also have anti-aging effects on the body with anti-cancer properties. Pomegranate, by improving the health of blood vessels it makes the bones strong and increases the blood flow.

According to medical research, the use of pomegranate can protect against infertility, while drinking it during pregnancy is best for children’s mental growth.

The best part!

Ayurvedic Herbs to Improve Male Fertility:

Besides these natural foods, here are some of the most beneficial Ayurvedic herbs that would definitely help you improve your sperm count, virility and vigor.

Before jumping to Herbal Formula I want to make a Disclaimer here:

Everything discussed in this article is not intended to develop a doctor/herbalist patient relation. All the content in this article is only for education and information purposes only. The herbal formula I’m propounding here has worked well for hundreds of patients. But, before using these herbs you should consult with your herbalist and he will guide you which herb suits your body temperament and which not.

1. Polygonatum Veticillatum

herbs for male infertility
Ayurvedic Name: Salab Mishri

2. Salab Gutta

herbs for male infertillity
Ayurvedic Name: Salab Dana

3. Dactylohiza Hatagirea

Herbs for male infertility
Ayurvedic Name: Salab Panja

4. Mucuna Pruriens

Ayurvedic Name: Beej Kaunch

5. Asparagus Racem

herbs for male infertility
Ayurvedic Name: Shitawar

6. Asteracanatha Longifolia

herbs for male infertility
Ayurvedic Name: Talmakhana

7. White Asparagus

herbs for male infertility
Ayurvedic Name: White Musli

8. Anacyclus Pyrethrum   

herbs for male infertility
Ayurvedic Name: Akarkara

9. Withania Somnifera Root

Herbs for male infertillity
Ayurvedic Name: Ashwagandha

10. Lepidium Iberis

herbs for male infertility
Ayurvedic Name: Todri Surkh

11. Matthiola Incans

herbs for male infertiliity
Ayurvedic Name: Todri Safed

Take every herb in equal quantity (for instance 20 gram each). Grind every herb one by one to make powder.

Mix the powdered herbs in a bowl and add honey to make a paste type decoction.


This herbal decoction is a power pack for those with low sperm count, infertility issues, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

The Dose: Take one tablespoon with lukewarm milk in the morning with an empty stomach and one tablespoon before going bed at night.

Precaution: While taking this herbal medicine you should refrain from any sexual activity for 40 days at least (if you want to get long-lasting results).


Do some light exercise and follow the lifestyle pattern discussed above in this article and stick to the natural foods.

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